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Are you feeling nervous?
Are you having fun?
It’s almost over
It’s just begun
Don’t overthink this
Look in my eye
Don’t be scared, don’t be shy
Come on in, the water’s fine

All Eyes On Me — Bo Burnham

This song is my backdrop for summer 2021 (discovered from TikTok, where else).

Heat has been…

If the idea of drawing, making music, writing books or performing interpretative dance feels totally foreign to you, this text is for you. As a self-diagnosed non-creative to another, I want to share my process of getting to know my right brain.

unsplash // @mattridley

I am a recovering perfectionist who hates inefficiency…

High profile women from the former president of Ireland Mary Robinson to Jane Fonda are among the growing chorus making the case for viewing climate change as a gender issue. What’s less often discussed is how current levels of gender inequality can actually block successful climate action.

Some of the…

For the longest time I had trust issues with individual action when it comes to climate change. After years of studying the topic academically and hoovering up articles and podcasts on the topic, I still couldn’t make up my mind about it. On one hand I fully acknowledged its achievements…

Ask a technocrat, a hustling startup founder or a politician and they will tell you that the future of sustainability is technological innovation. Better batteries, smart cities, high-tech building materials for solar panels — anything that can be downloaded from an app store or was built by an engineer.


Over the past few years, the narrative around climate change and other environmental harm has started to shift from polar bears and ice bergs to the lived experience of humans. …

This post was originally written for WunderTree, a Berlin based company that sells living Christmas trees and plants them in a forest after Christmas. It’s a response to a growing awareness and concern about the single-use nature of the traditional Christmas tree industry.

How sustainable is a WunderTree compared to…

Global Goals Berlin

Just over a month ago I took part in my the first ever hackathon, only this wasn’t coding in dark rooms but rather ideating in relatively brightly lit spaces at Impact Hub Berlin. …

@belart84 // unsplash

The other night I was preparing a barbecue with some family members, many of them proud and vocal carnivores. As I was chopping peppers and stuffing mushrooms, every now and then someone would innocently try asking ‘Are you sure, not even one sausage…?” As a vegetarian this was driving me…

This post was written in the summer 2020, a year before the freakish weather events across the Northern Hemisphere of summer 2021.

I am writing this in the middle of summer in Finland, Helsinki to be exact, where the summer nights are long and the winter days even longer. As…

Jannika A.

Climate activist and a feminist. Writing to make sense of the 🌍

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